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We have a Utility Tree Trimmer on staff who has years of experience working around and in close proximity to power-lines in the tree industry. Call for any questions regarding the utility and tips on how to deal with them. 

Our company holds a current Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) and keeps an OH&S Coordinator on staff to keep us on the cutting edge of current safety standards. We hold safety in high regard and work to have the best equipment and practices in place to keep our staff going home to their families. 

Dangerous Tree Removal

Trees are a beautiful part of our landscape, but can be a liability if they become unsound, old or damaged by storms. At risk trees, are ones with potential 'targets', these include but are not limited to, your house, shed/garage, neighbours, utility lines, etc. Call us in to have a look at your tree, we will do an in depth assessment, looking for cracks, splits, decay and dead wood, these factors can lead to a hazardous tree, as well as trees leaning over power-lines or structures. 


Proper pruning can improve the long term health and structure of your trees. Pruning also adds aesthetic value to your property and home. There are many different pruning practices, and each tree has different needs.

Crown Thinning, strategically remove branches to improve air flow and stucture. Crown Raising, establishes the lowest branch point, allowing people to walk by or mow around without running into branches. Crown Cleaning, removes dead or weak branches to stop the spread of decay and reduce risk of possible breakages/damage. 

Crown Thinning and Cleaning can be combined with cabling and bracing techniques to temporarily reduce the hazards of a 'risky' tree, enabling the homeowner to establish a new tree before the inevitable removal. 

Call for more information on our other services, these include:

​Dangerous Tree Removal
Power-Line Vegetation Management

Enform Certified Fallers

Road Allowance Clearing and Widening

Timber Clearing/Slashing
Stump Removal
 24 hr. Emergency Storm Work
Utility Tree Work


(Low Maintenance Landscaping)
Brush Chipping

About Us

We here at Monster Tree Service Ltd. pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention. And provide your worksite, yard, and trees with the same care and attention we use on our own.

Monster Tree holds safety and environmentally friendly practices in the highest regard. That is why we maintain highly trained certified staff who care about what they do. 

Our training:


Red Cross First Aid Certification

Utility Tree Trimming Certification

Enform Fallers Certification


Construction Safety Training System

Pipeline Construction Safety

Enform Oil and Gas Fallers

CSTS 09'

ISA trained Arborists

We are also a member of the PVMA and TCIA

Happily serving most of Northern Alberta, including, Two Hills, Vegreville, Vermilion, Lamont, Mundare, Fort Saskatchewan, Redwater, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and everywhere in between!