The ultra low maintenance, super affordable and uniquely beautiful alternative to your lawn. 

 Tired of wasting so much time mowing? Concerned about valuable fresh water pouring onto the ground? Spending money on fertilizers, herbicides, water, fuel, and mowers getting you down? 

 Xeriscape is the use of natural bedding materials such as rock, gravel and wood chips and mulch. Shrubs and plants are selected based on water conservation and suitability to climate. The addition of colors, large rocks and symmetry make every one of these projects unique. Maintenance consists of an occasional walk through the property to remove any airborne planted weeds and trimming of shrubs if desired.

Monster Xeriscape offers free estimates, personal consultation with our design team and professional on-time installation. We work around your schedule with minimal disruption to your busy life and lifestyle. We strive to satisfy our clients as we recognize the value of word of mouth advertising. A family owned and operated business, we put our name behind everything we do.

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